Parul Ferrie Redesign



Redesign Parul Ferrie's logo and website to have a more modern, clean, and professional layout. The new design needed to help visitors find the right information to book a consultation online and communicate how Homeopathy helps patients. 


Working with Parul Ferrie, we designed a clean and organized layout with beautiful stock images that match the feel of her brand. The layout consists of content that informs visitors about Parul's practice and how she helps before they decide to book.

Parul Ferrie Logo and Website
Original Redesign

The Approach

Before starting on the visual aspect of the website, we began with sorting out the content and reorganizing the navigation. The first step was to get the layout and content solidified. This helps communicate to visitors how homeopathy treatment works and which help treat specific illnesses.


A user-friendly website with restructured content and an intuitive navigation. With these new changes to the website, it is more user-friendly and easier to digest the content. As well, it eliminates confusion for potential patients to find forms and information before booking a consultation. For the logo, we came up with a clean wordmark that resonates with Parul Ferrie and her practice. View Live Site

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