5 Tips to Creating Workout Videos for Social Media

1. Wear clothing that doesn’t blend in with your surroundings.

Create contrast between your clothing and the background so it makes it easier for viewers to follow your movements.

 2. Find a spot that has good even lighting and avoid direct sunlight or shadows.

Nothing makes a workout video hard to watch when there's harsh lighting or hardly any lighting. Make sure you're clearly visible with good even lighting.

 3. Avoid recording shaky videos by using a tripod or placing your camera on a sturdy surface.

Don't make viewers dizzy by hand holding your camera or phone while recording. Even if you don't have a trip, prop it up so there's no camera shake.

 4. Speak at a good volume and a reasonable pace.

Be clear, concise, and try not to ramble.

 5. Plan out what you’ll be going over in the workout video.

For example:
– Benefits of workout video
– Muscles involved
– Specific cues for proper form

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